There are seven major Chakras associated with various sections of the body. Growing Chakra regulates spiritual knowledge, muscles , joints, emotions, and. Unless the chakra that controls the segment does not flow healthy energies through the body, otherwise the consequence is disease. Open and healthy Chakras help us maintain a sense of harmony and health. They are the key sources of energy and are connected for development, fitness, affection, and happiness.

The Root Chakra: Found at the base of the spine, the root chakra reflects the element earth and is connected to our impulses of survival and our sense of internal stability and relation with our bodies. When this Chakra is opened it gives us safety, wealth and comfort.Visit them at buddha garden statue to get additional information.

The Sacral Chakra: found in the belly, lower back, and sex organs, is connected to the element water, and to emotions and sexuality. Once opened, it lets us communicate and embrace other people and new experiences; want, fluidity, and welcome transition.

The Chakra of the Solar Plexus: is linked to our desire to remain positive and in charge of life. It’s linked to the ego and to personal strength. This Chakra, when good, gives us strength, performance, spontaneity and non-dominant force.

The Heart Chakra: just above the actual heart, as the name implies, is linked to our capacity to love. It reflects opposite equilibrium (male / female, yin / yang). The open Chakra of the Heart helps one to love intensely, to experience kindness, to have a profound sense of harmony and centrality.

The Throat Chakra: situated in the throat reflects communication; to say our reality, to be understood, to articulate ourselves and to be imaginative. The open chakra in our throat will help us feel noticed and recognized.

The Brow Chakra: or the chakra of the third eye as it is often named, located between the eyes, helps one to see the bigger vision, thinking on an unconscious basis, insight, creativity.

The Crown Chakra: It is our relation to “Jesus force,” the divine world, centered at the top of the brain. It reflects inner and outer perfection, pure joy. This Chakra, when raised, gives us intelligence, insight, awareness, divine relation and peace.

Using this guide you can see which chakra can be blocked, or you can rotate gradually if in either of those places you seem to miss. Wearing chakra jewellery is a way to improve the chakras while you can’t perform physical workouts or meditation or loosen up the chakra energy channels, not to mention having exquisite Buddhist objects to adorn yourself with.